Virtual Cruise 2020

April 22, 2020

Get ready EVERYONE! We can't wait for you to join us for the NKOTB Virtual Cruise 2020! This weekend event is for ALL BLOCKHEADS! Don't miss your chance to join in the festivities!

Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jon & Jordan



Door Decorating Contest
We wouldn't be doing #NKOTBVIRTUALCRUISE right without a door decorating contest! Get your doors, bedroom walls, kitchen cabinets — whatever you can decorate — ready, Blockheads! Starting Friday, April 24, take a photo & tweet using #NKOTBDoorDecoration. Winners will be picked & announced on Sunday, April 26.

Don’t Rush Challenge
Another challenge we are implementing for #NKOTBVIRTUALCRUISE weekend is the #DONTRUSHCHALLENGE! We want to see you get ready for each day's theme on the virtual cruise. Gather your fellow Blockheads, virtually, and show us how you transform from your sitting-at-home wear to your cruise ship going out looks within seconds. The challenge starts NOW and goes through Sunday, April 26! Post your videos using BOTH hashtags: #NKOTBVIRTUALCRUISE & #DONTRUSHCHALLENGE! Check out an example from fellow Blockheads HERE.

NKOTB Exclusive Cruise Documentary — Streaming this weekend only on NKOTB's YouTube channel.




DAY #1: Dress Up! OR The Roaring 20's
Don't Rush Challenge Day 1 — Dress Up/The Roaring 20's
Have fun! Feel the love! And celebrate our bond, even if it's virtual. The pandemic can stop our cruise but it can't stop our love!

12AM: Celebrate the release of "House Party," featuring Boyz II Men, Big Freedia, Naughty By Nature & Jordin Sparks. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or wherever you listen!

8:10AM: Tune in to listen to Donnie chat about "House Party" on Boston's KISS 108.

8:30AM: Tune in to watch NKOTB chat about "House Party," live on Good Morning America (ABC)

10AM: Jenny McCarthy Show - Cruise/House Party Special on Sirius XM Stars 109. If you're not on SiriusXM, sign up for free streaming access through May 15, 2020. Get details!

5PM: NKOTB: Day 1 Virtual Gathering Live Stream — Lido Deck Party/Town Hall Launch (YouTube | Facebook)

7PM: Tune in to watch NKOTB chat about "House Party" on Entertainment Tonight (Check local listings to confirm time and station to tune into).

10PM: Donnie 'Blue Bloods' Tweet along. Watch this week's episode of Blue Bloods on CBS and join Donnie on Twitter @donniewahlberg.

11PM: Join Donnie and Jenny for 80's/90's-themed Karaoke on Donnie's IG immediately after @donniewahlberg.



DAY #2: Glitter Night
Don't Rush Challenge Day 2 — Glitter
Glitter is glitter. No need for glitter 2000s. Just glitter. Get Fabulous. Let's go!

12PM: Jordan Knight solo event. Connect with Jordan on IG @jordanknightofficial.

1PM: NKOTB: Day 2 Virtual Gathering Live Stream — Game Show (YouTube | Facebook)

2PM: Baking with Danny Wood Live Stream (YouTube | Facebook)

8PM: Joey McIntyre Live Concert (YouTube | Facebook)

9-11PM: 'Glitter Night Party' Live Stream with NKOTB (YouTube | Facebook)



Don't Rush Challenge Day 3 — GPS
Represent where you’re from!

12PM: Selfies with Donnie on IG @donniewahlberg

3PM: Danny Wood IG Live Chat + Selfies. Connect with Danny on IG  @dannywoodofficial

5PM: NKOTB: Day 3 Virtual Gathering Live Stream — Door Decorating Contest Winner Announced (YouTube | Facebook)