Message from Donnie

May 22, 2017

Heading back on tour today. Obviously, after the tragic events in #Manchester, it's with a heavy heart and lots on my mind.

I found myself searching for the right words to say to the thousands planning on attending our concert in Dallas tonight - who suddenly have to consider things of far greater concern than the inconveniences of parking their cars. My thoughts kept bringing me back to a dance I shared with this young lady in New Orleans, a few nights back. She must have been no more than 13, and attending the show with her mom. Perhaps, her first concert - just like so many of the fans in attendance in #Manchester last night. This moment/dance that I shared with her, and the thousands who witnessed it, was a moment of joy, energy, love, hope and freedom.

That's what music is. It's what concerts are - a great expression of #hope and #freedom. Which is exactly why those with no #hope in their hearts, would choose to target them. It is also exactly why we must carry on, and continue our ritual of gathering to celebrate our lives, loves, dreams, hopes and freedom. Those lost and hopeless souls, who wish to spread misery and hatred, can only win by turning us into the same lost and hopeless souls that they are. They only win by killing our hope, and taking away our freedom.

Tonight, I will dance. I will dance and sing and celebrate. It will be with a heavy heart, and with thoughts of the victims and families in #Manchester on my mind, but I will not be deterred. I hope that you won't be deterred either. I hope that young people everywhere, much like the young lady in this picture and the millions of #Arianators around the world, will continue to celebrate their freedom - and continue to find hope through music. We need #hope now more than ever, and our #freedom can only be sustained by honoring it - every day of our lives.

#Peace and #Love,

Donnie W